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New Anime Acquisition!

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Announces English Dub of, "The Titan's Bride"

Ascendent Animation is proud to announce their newest acquisition of, “The Titan's Bride”. Along with this acquisition, we are also announcing the production of an English dub, joining Ishida and Asakura as their second English dubbing production.

The Titan's Bride is being dubbed in partnership with the Japanese company, WWWaveCorp. The show is based off of a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by the artist ITKZ. Originally serialized in the web manga magazine Screamo in 2019, it has continued its popularity in volumes crafted by Suiseisha, with digital distribution through Coolmic. The show follows Koichi Mizuki, a human student, and Caius Lao Bistail, a giant prince who summons Koichi to his world to become his bride.

The show follows a fantasy-BL (yaoi) story-line, featuring LGBT themes, fantasy worlds, and a comedic undertone. Each episode runs about seven minutes long and follows closely to the manga. Adapting the script is Kiba Walker, who will also be directing the English Dub. Steve Warky Nunez will helm the audio engineering and mixing, and this will be the second time the two team up to produce an English dub for Ascendent. Also returning is K. Cornell Kellum as Executive Producer.

“I think The Titan's Bride is a story that needs to be brought into the mainstream,” said Walker, “in addition to getting rid of the taboo of LGBT stories and themes being shown in the limelight. Yes, it's a mature story, but I think hardcore BL and fantasy fans will love what we do with the dub.”

Following their work on Ishida and Asakura, Ascendent Animation will continue using talent from across the world and of the BIPOC/LGBTQ+ community, following Ascendent's promise to be inclusive and diverse.


Genre: Romance/BL/Fantasy

Episodes: 9

Opening & Ending Theme: "The One Who Cried Love in the Center of the World". It is performed by Caius (Original CV. Yūki Ono) and Kouichi Mizuki (Original CV. Kento Itō)”

© ITKZ/Suiseisha Inc.


©Ascendent Animation 2021. All Rights Reserved.


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