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A bear who lives in the forest named Nowa finds a puppy named Airi and ends up raising him. When Nowa goes into hibernation for the winter, Airi is still a pup, but when Nowa wakes up from his hibernation, he finds that Airi has grown into an adult dog! Will love bloom in the most unlikely way?


On Air Edition now available for digital purchase on Amazon Prime Video!

English Trailer - AIRI PV

English Trailer - NOWA PV


He is an Asian Black Bear. His Birthday is February 14th. Nowa found Airi washed up on the shore of a beach when he was a baby. Nowa is Easy-Going and a little timid, but he is also

a glutton and loves to eat.


Airi is an Irish Wolfhound. His birthday is September 23rd. He is in love with Nowa and wags his tail whenever he’s happy.



He is a Civet and his birthday is August 7th. He is a caring friend who everyone in town relies on. He is quick to anger and kind of disrespectful. He loves to meddle in Airi and Nowa's relationship.


Watari is a Raven. His birthday is March 20th. He doesn't have the greatest sense of direction and sometimes gets lost. He is always calm and caring and is best friends with Kou.

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