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Minami, who works as an idol of The Sing-Along Show, and Shoji, a single father, have started dating. As a children's idol, she has to keep it a secret from those around her, but when they are alone together, they feel the joy of loving each other as a man and a woman. However, the two continue to have a secret relationship, Finally, a scandal has come to light...!? The second season of the adult love story with the singing lady has begun!


Minami Takasaki is our lovely leading lady, both in The Sing Along! Show and in our story. She feels so honored to be doing her dream job, but as part of her contract, she is not allowed to
have a relationship outside of work, so she feels lonely and trapped as she cannot be free to love someone.

Leading our story is the quiet and steady Shoji Fujimoto, a single father who wants to become a picture book writer. Since his wife died, he’s been raising his daughter, Kana, by himself. 


The adorably sweet Kana Fujimoto is Shoji’s only daughter. She likes parfaits, is in kindergarten, and she is easily startled and extremely innocent.


It's Big Brother Kazuhiro!


He is the exercise trainer that appears in between the idol singing portion of the
show. People like his physique and so the viewership is high.

apple image.png

Meet Pao! The lovable mascot of The Sing Along! Show that Kana loves. He looooves apples!

Make sure to get your drafts in on time! Maya is the editor in charge for a publisher. She and Shoji have known each other since college.

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