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One fateful morning the sun rose and never set again. As perpetual day roasts the world, crops wither and life starts to fade. A lone mortal ventures into the ancient temples to beg the Celestials for help - and they answer.


Travel alongside the Celestials themselves as the story unfolds by matching Runestones, freeing Elemental Pixies from Gemstone prisons, discovering powerful piece combos, acquiring and upgrading unique items, and ultimately revealing the mystery of the Eternal Sunrise.


- Visual Novel Story with Smooth and fun match-3 gameplay!

- Play with keyboard and mouse, or with a controller!

- Collect and upgrade six items to help in your quest.

- Over 100 puzzles to solve, each with three challenging goals.

- 5 unique areas, each ending in an epic puzzle boss battle.

- Has accessibility options for color blindness!



Ancient Celestial





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