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In Earth’s far future, the Great Mainframe oversees all. The rich live utopian lives, thanks to mega-mogul Tono Trankkule's life extending nanotechnology. But wealthy Anton “Prince” Prosper lusts for more. Assisted by geneticist Madame Kabala and her stunning son Steffan, the scientist labors on his private island to perfect his invention: Attomons, super-nanos that endow eternal life and youth.

An impulsive act of revenge leads to a horrific disaster on a global scale. As the Red Death rages without, Prince Prosper's gothic mansion becomes a haven for a number of survivors. Anton and Steffan’s tempestuous dance of love, death and strange redemption plays out amid the most glamorous, sinister masquerade ball ever held.

Come experience the gripping story and memorable music of this tale in its rendering as a motion comic!

Masque Musical Final Night.jpg
Wendy Pini
Art, Animation, & Lyrics
Gregory Nabours
Music, Orchestration, & Lyrics

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Anton "Prince" prosper iv

Performed by Michael Scott Harris

Steffan Kabala

Performed by Michael Thomas Grant


Performed by Elle Deran

Madame Kabala

Performed by Debbie Prutsman

Fronda Trankule

Performed by Stephanie Renee Wall

Daryel Mirrin

Performed by Daniel Stewart

Tono Trankule

Performed by Gregory Nabours


Performed by
Katie Self


Performed by
Steve Warky Nunez

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