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Kozo Yukawa loves hot springs!


He’s a hot spring hunter that can sniff out the very source of them!


One day, in an effort to bring notoriety to a small town, he goes out searching for a secret hot spring, when he slips off a cliff! After perishing in the fall, he is reincarnated into another world by a fox god. Kozo is not reincarnated alone, and is joined by the messenger princess of the fox god, Mayudama.


Smelling the stinking, rotting egg smell of a nearby hot spring, he runs to jump in along with Mayudama. That’s when an elf girl appears… who proceeds to attack them!


After resolving their differences, Kozo decides to spread the knowledge and wonders of hot springs throughout his new world! Encouraging people to take off their clothes, soak in the hot water, and heal the whole world!

Kozo Yukawa

Voice: Shohei Tokiwa

Kozo is 40 Years old and a hot spring enthusiast! This has earned him the nickname, "Hot Spring Hunter".

While searching for a secret hot spring, he falls off a cliff and was reincarnated into another world!

Voice: Marie Miyake

She is the messenger princess with fox ears and a tail.

She followed Kozo to another world as his caretaker.



Voice: Ria Koito

An Elf girl who lives in another world.


She assumes that Kozo and Mayudama are demonic beings as they bathe in the, 'Onsen of Death', and decides to attack them!



Voice: Kyoko Kuramochi

Lillium's sister and the Chief of the Elf Tribe.

In order to overcome the Elf Village's financial difficulties, she asks Kozo if it's possible to utilize the onsen.



Voice: Akari Miyazaki

Just like Kozo, Ruirui was also reincarnated to another world.

She usually tries to hide the fact that she's a woman.

She is also the ruler of another world.



Voice: Mariko Miyase

Komachi is Ruirui's caretaker.


Like Mayudama, she is a princess of the Inari Shrine.


They have a junior/senior relationship.

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