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Tatsumi Akazu, a hard-working gym teacher, always does his best for his students. Hinako Okami is a reserved student with a massive unrequited crush. When a skirt thief decides that Hinako is a worthy target, disaster looms!

Tatsumi chases the predator off and escorts Hinako home... only to discover that she's NOT the shy violet she pretends to be! Tatsumi now faces a moral dilemma - does he keep his distance, or follow temptation across a forbidden line? How long will his resolve last in the face of such a determined cutie!?


Hinako Okami

There's nothing stronger than Hinako's determination as she pursues her love! She'll have you saying "Clever girl." in her attempts to catch more than just Mr. Akazu's eye. The chase is on! Awooo!

Height: 152 CM

Blood Type: O

Birthday: March 13th


Tatsumi Akazu

It's time to get pumped up together with the hot-blooded PE teacher, Tatsumi Akazu! Our lovably naïve red-headed hunk is quick on his feet, but is not as quick on the uptake. How long will he be able to evade Hinako?

Height: 183 CM

Blood Type: A

Birthday: July 1st


Rei Obayama

Here to help with whatever ails the body or heart is the trusty school nurse. A listening ear or the calm-headed voice of reason, he provides wisdom well beyond his years. Will that  be enough to help Tatsumi in this dilemma?

Height: 174 CM

Blood Type: AB

Birthday: April 7th

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