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This is the story of a boy, who became the lone Adam among four billion Eves. In a world where a pandemic has rendered all men impotent, high school student Itsuki is the exception who escaped it. In order to protect this secret, he transfers to a very special high school, which turns out to be composed of 90% girls!

There, he encounters an upbeat and friendly senior, a sexually frustrated female teacher, a tomboyish school 'prince,' and an heiress from a wealthy family.
For Itsuki, who has his pick of any woman in the world, the question remains: which one will he choose?

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Itsuki Sonomiya

Voice: Harumichi Shidô

In a world where every male has been struck by crippling erectile dysfunction, he's the only guy who hasn't lost his mojo. While he's always had a regular interest in the opposite sex, the "secret" he holds in his pants has held him back from making the first move. Then, by a twist of fate, he transfers to Shinonome Academy, where more than 90% of the students are girls! Once there, he starts to realize just how unique he really is.

Akari Himeno
Voice: Musubi Aono

Akari is a diligent female student serving as the vice president of the student council at the academy. In a post-pandemic world where gender prejudices have become increasingly prevalent, her rare kindness in treating everyone equally, regardless of gender, stands out. Akari extends her kindness to the transfer student Itsuki, but undergoes a drastic change the moment she discovers his special ability...

Kaede Shiina
Voice: Rina Misaki

Ms. Shiina is a school teacher known for her cool beauty. However, her true identity is that of a former party girl with unfulfilled desires. In a world where all of society's men are grappling with dire erectile dysfunction, she couldn't help but feel restless until she unexpectedly encounters Itsuki...

Voice: Mikado Sumeragi

Kumazawa, an average male student, works hard to overcome erectile dysfunction through efforts like working out and nutrition. He is friendly and casually chats with the transfer student, Itsuki.

Aki Kokonoe
Voice: Rika Waōki

Aki, surrounded by her female peers in high school, is regarded as the 'prince' of the school grounds and is a member of the track and field club. Despite initially looking down upon impotent men, her perspective totally changes when she gets to know Itsuki. Despite appearing straightforward, Aki reveals a naive and feminine side beneath her no-nonsense exterior.

Yue Kurumizawa
Voice: Shibuya Kaho

A classmate of Itsuki's and the heiress of the Kurumizawa corporation, Yue dreams of finding a man unaffected by ED and making him her fiancé. While initially skeptical if she can even find such a man, everything changes when she discovers that Itsuki fits the criteria perfectly.

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