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An office worker is reincarnated into her favorite otome game, “Starry Love Astrolabe” as the villainess, Diana. Prince Sirius gets close to Diana, although he is supposed to love the game's heroine. In an effort to prevent the bad ending which leads to the world's destruction, she seduces him, believing that the prince will not like her impurity. However, despite her efforts, the prince ends up falling for her. Is there enough time to stop the bad ending from happening?!

Diana Diafel

The villainess from the otome game, "Starry Love Astrolabe". Diana was a company workaholic in her real life before she was reincarnated into the game. She has her eyes set on Prince Sirius, but if she marries the Prince, then she'll trigger the bad ending of the game! Should she follow her heart, or sacrifice it instead?

Prince Sirius Hiver

The prince is the handsome target for the heroine that appears in Starry Love Astrolabe. Although he is the prince of the Kingdom of Iver, he has an unconventional and straightforward personality. He takes a real shine to the villainess Diana.


The main heroine that appears in the otome game, "Starry Love Astrolabe". Kris is a commoner with a soothing demeanor and has a sense of justice for all.

Will she win the heart of Prince Sirius?


Spica is the antagonist of the story, as well as the cousin to Diana. He hides behind this cool and tough exterior, but is he just acting or are his motives pure?

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