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Drunk Robot Games Announces Their Voice Cast for Upcoming Title "Runic: Eternal Sunrise"

Drunk Robot Games partnered with Ascendent Animation and LemonToast Games to bring together five voice actors for the upcoming visual novel puzzle title, Runic: Eternal Sunrise.

"We are thrilled with the incredible talent that Ascendent and LemonToast brought to our game!" says RedVonix, lead of Drunk Robot Games. "The voice cast brought such a level of polish and fun to the game, and we are so excited to get it out in everyone's hands!"

The voice cast of Runic: Eternal Sunrise includes:

- Kailynn Harbert as The Ancient Celestial

- Bonnie Gordon as Aurae

- Diana Garnet as The Mortal

- Levi Squier as Nyx

- Sean Chiplock as Helius

Runic: Eternal Sunrise will be available in 2024 for PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch.

Please wishlist the game on Steam here!

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ABOUT DRUNK ROBOT GAMES: Drunk Robot Games ( was formed by RedVonix as a subsidiary of Cerulean Games as a studio to produce the original titles that the Cerulean Games team wants to make. Drunk Robot Games focuses on producing strange, fun and weird titles that just can't be found anywhere else.

ABOUT ASCENDENT ANIMATION: Ascendent Animation ( is a multi-award winning dubbing studio celebrating their most recent release, "Show Time! 2".

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