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My Boss is a Tsundere Cosplayer?! has been published on Webtoons. This is being done in partnership with DLE Inc. (Henkei Shoujo) The manga was localized into English in partnership with the Japanese company, Wonder Connect.

The synopsis of the manga is: Just another day at the office turns unexpectedly thrilling for a man when a TSUNDERE cosplaying boss makes an appearance! Immerse yourself in a risky office life alongside her and other charmingly eccentric, hard-to-get ladies who dress as historical figures, donning battle attire, kimonos, and more. Enjoy the peculiar and dangerously endearing antics they bring to the table!

When asked about working on the series, Founder of Wonder Connect, Matt Papa, responded, "I'm absolutely delighted to be localizing this hilarious and charming series. This will go down as Wonder Connect's very first project, and I cannot thank the incredible folks at Ascendent Animation enough for partnering with us for this. I've had a blast localizing this series, and look forward to continuing my 10 year career in localization under this new banner. I'm looking forward to a bright future for Wonder Connect with amazing partners like Ascendent and DLE. "

The first chapter was released on March 18, 2024. 

Ascendent Animation is very excited to be a part of this exciting and fun project and can’t wait for you to enjoy this manga as much as we do! 


Genre: Romance/ Comedy / Slice of Life

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©2024 Ascendent Animation. All Rights Reserved.

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