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Warp Graphics & Ascendent Animation Announce Streaming Release of Masque of the Red Death - A Musical Thriller

We are ecstatic to announce the Digital release of “Masque of the Red Death - A Musical Thriller” on Amazon Prime Video in English with English Subtitles.

Wendy Pini’s Masque of the Red Death - A Musical Thriller is a Poe-inspired tribute to dark, romantic, gender-bending Japanese anime & comics that, for decades, have captured hearts internationally. It’s presented on Amazon Prime as a thrilling animatic motion-comic with a full musical score by award-winning composer Gregory Nabours.


True to the spirit of Poe’s original horror story, Pini’s reimagining is a 24th-century apocalypse tale featuring two hot male leads, young love, the rich behaving badly, science gone awry, and personal choices that lead to both tragedy and triumph.


Aloof, wealthy, Anton "Prince" Prosper is a scientific genius in a decadent, far future. Only with his assistant/lover, Steffan Kabala, has he shared his secret formula for immortality. But their ecstasy is brief, for Anton succumbs, at Steffan's lavish birthday party, to all the seductive temptations eternal life offers. Jealous, heartbroken, Steffan steals the immortality formula.


That impulsive act of revenge, abetted by Steffan’s domineering mother Madame Kabala, leads to horrific disaster on a global scale. As the RED DEATH rages without, Prince Prosper's gothic mansion becomes a haven for young lovers Fronda and Daryel, the evil Madame Kabala, self-sacrificing family retainer, Bunchh, and a thousand party guests. Anton and Steffan’s tempestuous dance of love, death, and strange redemption plays out amid the most glamorous, sinister masquerade ball ever held.

Masque is available for Rental and/or Purchase at Amazon Prime Video USA and U.K.. (Purchase $19.99 US/£19.99 UK / Rental $5.99 US/£5.99 UK)



Creator Wendy Pini had this to say about the project: "What does it matter that my youthful dream of doing dark, sexy, music-driven animation, like this, is just coming true now? ElfQuest is my life’s work, but Masque of the Red Death is the creative love of my life, made possible thanks to today’s digital technology."


Composer Gregory Nabours said, “Creating the musical landscape for Wendy's irresistible work has been a pleasure and an honor. The score blends sci-fi tropes with horror and classical musical theatre, and the end result (if you'll pardon the pun) really gets under your skin.”


Steve Warky Nunez, the voice of ‘Ix’ in Masque added, “I feel very honored and humbled that Ascendent Animation got to work on this animatic with Warp (Wendy and Richard Pini) Graphics. It was truly a labor of love from all of us to you. Wendy’s artwork is absolutely beautiful and Gregory Nabours has provided us with some of the catchiest songs this side of Broadway. This show truly runs the gamut of emotions and we know that you will enjoy the rollercoaster ride that is Masque.”


We hope that you will enjoy the hard work that everyone put into making this a reality.


To see the trailer for Masque of the Red Death - A Musical Thriller, Click here!




Genre: LGBTQ+/Horror/Sci-Fi/Drama

Acts: 2


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