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Henkei Shoujo on Blu-ray!

For the first time ever on Blu-ray, November 1st!

We are very excited to announce the physical release of all 5 episodes of “Henkei Shoujo” on Blu-Ray with dual English and Japanese language tracks and subtitles in English, Spanish, and French. Special Features included are: Actor Commentaries on every episode, Character Commentaries on every episode, Joke Commentary on every episode, Extra Commentary from Hayden Daviau (voice of Tomoyo), Theme Song Music Video, Alternate “Haru” Episode with extended transformation sequence, and the original English Trailer.

Copies will be available for pre-order at and purchase at with a Release Date of November 1st, 2022. Currently, Henkei Shoujo is available as an all in 1 episode for Digital Purchase and Streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

We hope that you will enjoy the hard work that everyone put into making this a reality.


This anime focuses on girls that transform into machines featuring Haru (a Jetplane), Rin (a Sports Car), Itsuki, (Lingerie Fighter), Nana, (Warship), and Arisa (Okonomiyaki Robot). Henkei Shoujo is a gag comedy storyline, featuring dramatic moments wrapped in fun with robots.

To see the trailer for Henkei Shoujo, Click here!


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