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Full Cast/Crew of Henkei Shoujo

Announcement Time!

Henkei Shoujo is being dubbed in partnership with the Japanese company DLE. The show is based off of a Japanese manga written and illustrated by the artist, Popuri Yoshikita.

The plot focuses on girls that transform into machines featuring Haru (a Jetplane), Rin (a Sports Car), Itsuki, (Lingerie Fighter), Nana, (Warship), and Arisa (Okonomiyaki Robot). Henkei Shoujo is a gag comedy storyline, featuring dramatic moments wrapped in fun with robots.

“Sometimes it's just not your day!”



Tomoyo – Hayden Daviau

Haru – Amanda Parker

Rin – Melissa John

Itsuki – Michaela Laws

Nana – Danielle McRae

Arisa – Christina Costello

Car Washer – Terrance Drye

Student A – T. T. Reben

Student B – Sheila Lin

Student C – Steve Warky Nunez

Additional Voices - Christopher Escalante, Diana Garnet, Steven Aries, Brian Rollins, Shane Tay, Reece Bridger, Sheila Lin, Katabelle Ansari, Venus Carey, Nathan Matthews, P.M. Seymour, Sean Tay

Executive Producer - K. Cornell Kellum

ADR Director – Michaela Laws

ADR Scriptwriter – Steve Warky Nunez

Adapters - Patrick Seymour

Translation - Kevin Frane

ADR Engineering - Steve Warky Nunez

Timing – Jonathon Hinga

ADR Mixing - Steve Warky Nunez

Localization Supervisor - Kevin Frane

Quality Assurance - Paul Davey; Danny Miller, Brian Rollins; Sean Tay; Shane Tay

Talent Sourcing – DragonFleet Studios

Office Manager - Katrina Caffeine


Genre: Fantasy/Sci-fi/Comedy

Episodes: 5

Transformation Theme: "Me-Chu-Pa-La" Sung by the Japanese voice actor for Haru, Mao Ichimichi.

©2022 DLE

©2022 Ascendent Animation. All Rights Reserved.

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