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Ascendent Animation Wins A Silver Telly Award

The award was won for, "The Titan's Bride"

Ascendent Animation is proud to announce that they have brought home Silver from The 43rd Annual Telly Awards for this year in New York City. They won the award for their English dubbed series, “The Titan’s Bride” .

Ascendent tweeted out today after receiving their award, “Thank you to everyone involved with The Titan's Bride. The cast and crew worked tirelessly on this project and it was well rewarded. We're even happier to know that a LGBTQ+ show was recognized and humbly share this award with the community. Special thanks to WWWave and Coolmic for their support as well.”

About The Telly Awards

The Telly Awards were founded in 1979 and honors groundbreaking video and film productions. Winners represent the best work of advertising agencies, production companies, television stations, and corporate video departments in the world. Less than 5% of entries are chosen as winners of the Silver Telly Award.

You can watch The Titan’s Bride on Amazon Prime Video, or purchase a physical edition from RightStufAnime or Amazon.


The Titan's Bride

Genre: Romance/BL/Fantasy

Episodes: 9

Opening & Ending Theme: "The One Who Cried Love in the Center of the World". It is performed by Caius (Original CV. Yūki Ono) and Kouichi Mizuki (Original CV. Kento Itō)”


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About Ascendent

Ascendent Animation ( ) is a newly formed dubbing studio bringing you anime to different platforms. Follow Ascendent Animation for updates and news at:



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