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Announces another new anime acquisition!

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

English Anime Dub for Show Time!


Ascendent Animation is proud to announce their latest acquisition of, “Show Time!”. Alongside this acquisition, we are also proud to announce the production of an English dub of the series.

Show Time! is being dubbed in partnership with the Japanese company WWWave Corporation. The show is based off of a Japanese manga written and illustrated by the artist, Mai Girigiri.

About Show Time!

After the passing of Shoji’s wife, “The Sing Along! Show” became a crux of healing for him and his young daughter Kana. After a chance meeting with the show’s beautiful singing starlet, Minami, Shoji tries to start up a relationship—but is this single father ready to handle the realities of dating a TV personality? And can Minami ever find love working in an industry that requires her to keep up a pure and innocent appearance?

The show follows an adult romantic storyline, featuring dramatic moments and relationship woes. Each episode runs about 8 minutes long. P.M. Seymour (Demon King Evelogia, Gunvolt 3, Genshin Impact), will be directing and adapting the English version. Steve Warky Nunez (Luminous Avenger IX-2, Sonic the Hedgehog), will helm the audio engineering/mixing, and Localization Supervisor will be Kevin Frane (428 Shibuya Scramble, Resonance of Fate, Demon King Evelogia). Once more, K. Cornell Kellum (Vice Squad, The Titan’s Bride, Henkei Shoujo), will return as Executive Producer.


“Show Time!, whilst containing adult content, is overwhelmingly wholesome and provided something I was dying to see in a long time for anime; lead characters in their 30's!” - Director P.M. Seymour


Genre: Adult/Romance/Drama

Episodes: 8

Theme Song: "Cafe Latte Koi Gokoro" Sung by the Japanese voice actor for Minami Takasaki, Rikka Kitami.

©2022 Mai Girigiri

©2022 Ascendent Animation. All Rights Reserved.

About Ascendent

Ascendent Animation ( ) is an up and coming dubbing studio celebrating a recent Telly Award win for their previous project, "The Titan's Bride".

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