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Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Ascendent Animation is proud to announce, “Game World Reincarnation” Full Voice Cast & Crew list.

An office worker is reincarnated into her favorite otome game, “Starry Love Astrolabe” as the villainess Diana. Prince Sirius gets close to Diana, although he is supposed to love the game's heroine. In an effort to prevent the bad ending which leads to the world's destruction, she seduces him, believing that the prince will not like her impurity. However, despite her efforts, the prince ends up falling for her. Is there enough time to stop the bad ending from happening?!


Main Cast:


SIRIUS HIVER - Patrick Mealey

KRIS - Laura Welsh

SPICA DIAFEL - Da'Jonte Phillips

MANSERVANT - Michael Malconian

Additional Cast:

MIRZAM – Bradley Gareth

PRIEST – Steve Warky Nunez

DIANA FAN A – Rochelle Chiang

DIANA FAN B – Rina Adachi

BRUNETTE – Kelsey Jaffer

HOODED MAN – Tareek Talati

Additional Voices:

Shane Tay

Zack Maher

Lisle Wilkerson

Dominique Dinh

Julie Rei Goldstein

Jonathon Virella

Reece Bridger

Steven Aries

Ashley Rose Kaplan

Shane Elterman

Danielle McRae

Ruben O'Neill

Damian Snapp

Brian Rollins

Alison Turjancik

Executive Producer - K. Cornell Kellum

ADR Director - Michaela Laws

Assistant Director – P.M. Seymour

Additional Director – Sean Tay

Translation - Kevin Frane

ADR Engineering & Mixing - Steve Warky Nunez

Engineer – John Montoya

Localization Supervisor - Kevin Frane

Quality Assurance - Paul Davey; Danny Miller, Brian Rollins; Sean Tay; Shane Tay

Marketing – Dani Duncan

Office Manager - Katrina Caffeine

Talent Sourcing – No Studio In Particular – Reece Bridger; Michaela Laws Productions – Michaela Laws

Game World Reincarnation is being dubbed in partnership with the Japanese company, WWWave Corporation. The show is based off of a Japanese manga written and illustrated by the artist, Re:mimu.


Seasons: 1

Genre: Romance/Drama

Episodes: 8

Opening & Ending Theme: "Astrolabe wo Kuruwasete" Sung by the Japanese voice actor for Prince Sirius Hiver, Tomohito Takatsuka in the on-air edition, and Sōji Sarutobi in the uncut edition.

©2023 Re:mimu

©2023 Suiseisha Inc.

©2023 Ascendent Animation. All Rights Reserved.

ABOUT ASCENDENT ANIMATION: Ascendent Animation ( ) is an award winning dubbing studio celebrating their most recent release, "Show Time!".

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