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Release of Ishida and Asakura on DVD

24 Minutes of Comedy with Special Features!

We are very excited to announce the physical release of all 12 episodes of Ishida and Asakura on DVD. Copies available for purchase at Amazon ( ), and Right Stuf Anime ( ).

This complete collection contains all 12 Episodes, and includes the hilarious English dub and the original Japanese language with English, Spanish, and French subtitles. Other Special Features include Director's Commentary, (all 12 episodes), Producer's Commentary, (all 12 episodes), and the trailer for the series in glorious stereo!

“Subtitles in English, Spanish, and French!”

We hope that you will enjoy the hard work that everyone put into making this a reality.

About the Show

Ishida and Asakura follows the quirky and crazy adventures of two high school students who just want to achieve their dreams after graduation. Ishida wants to open up a flower shop with his best friend, while Asakura wants nothing more than to be surrounded by boobs as a professor of Boob Physics. (Yes, Seriously)

To see the trailer for Ishida and Asakura, Click here!


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