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Announces another new anime acquisition!

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

English Anime Dub for Caressing My Hibernating Bear


Ascendent Animation is proud to announce their latest acquisition, “Caressing My Hibernating Bear”. (森のくまさん、冬眠中) Alongside this acquisition, we are also proud to announce the production of an English dub of the series.

Caressing My Hibernating Bear is being dubbed in partnership with the Japanese company, WWWave Corporation. The show is based off of a Japanese manga written and illustrated by the artist, Haruchika.

About Caressing My Hibernating Bear

The story centers on a bear named Nowa who lives in the forest. Nowa found a puppy named Airi a few years ago, and is now raising him. When Nowa goes into hibernation for the winter, Airi is still but a pup, however, when Nowa awakes from his hibernation, he finds Airi has now grown into an adult dog.

The show follows an adult romantic storyline, featuring tender moments, relationship woes, and passionate stories. Each episode runs about 8 minutes long., Kevin Frane (428 Shibuya Scramble, Resonance of Fate, Demon King Evelogia) will be directing the English version. Steve Warky Nunez (Henkei Shoujo, Luminous Avenger IX-2, Sonic the Hedgehog), will helm the audio engineering/mixing, and Assistant Director will be P.M. Seymour (Demon King Evelogia, Gunvolt 3, Genshin Impact). Once more, K. Cornell Kellum (Vice Squad, The Titan’s Bride, Henkei Shoujo), will return as Executive Producer. Also returning is Reece Bridger with Talent Sourcing from No Studio in Particular.


“As a gay man, I’m thrilled to have the chance to work with other LGBTQ+ talent in bringing this title to an English-speaking audience. These are some truly delightful characters and I look forward to seeing a new group of fans getting to know them.” - Director Kevin Frane


The Coolmic website is publishing the manga in English digitally under the title, “Caressing the Nipples of My Hibernating Bear”.

Genre: LGBTQ+/Romance/Drama/BL/Furry

Episodes: 9

Theme Song: "Tsunaida te to nukumori to" (With our Hands and Warmth)

©2023 Haruchika/Suiseisha Inc.

©2023 Ascendent Animation. All Rights Reserved.

About Ascendent

Ascendent Animation ( ) ) is an award winning dubbing studio celebrating their most recent release, "Show Time!".

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