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Acquisition, English Dub, Full Cast and Crew, and Blu-ray Release of I Want to Be His Prey

Ascendent Animation is proud to announce their latest acquisition, “I Want to Be His Prey!” Alongside this acquisition, we are also proud to announce the production of an English dub of the series, and a Blu-Ray Release.

I Want to Be His Prey is being dubbed in partnership with the Japanese company, WWWave Corporation. The show is based off of a Japanese manga written and illustrated by the artist, Musubi Onigiri, the winner of the Anime Festa Comic Grand Prix. The Coolmic website published the manga in English digitally.

Tatsumi Akazu, a hard-working gym teacher, always does his best for his students. Hinako Okami is a reserved student with a massive unrequited crush. When a skirt thief decides that Hinako is a worthy target, disaster looms!

Tatsumi chases the predator off and escorts Hinako home... only to discover that she's NOT the shy violet she pretends to be! Tatsumi now faces a moral dilemma - does he keep his distance, or follow temptation across a forbidden line? How long will his resolve last in the face of such a determined cutie!?

The show follows an adult romantic storyline, featuring comedic moments, relationship woes, a skirt thief, and passionate stories. Each episode runs about 7 minutes long.Sean Tay (Caressing My Hibernating Bear, The Titan’s Bride, Fire in His Fingertips) will be directing the English version. Steve Warky Nunez (Henkei Shoujo, Luminous Avenger IX-2, Sonic the Hedgehog), will helm the audio engineering/mixing and, K. Cornell Kellum (Realm of the Waterfall, The Titan’s Bride, Fire in His Fingertips), is Executive Producer, with Kevin Frane as Localization Supervisor / Translations.

We are also very excited to announce the physical release of all 3 episodes of, “I Want to Be His Prey! on Blu-Ray with dual English and Japanese language tracks and subtitles in English, Spanish, and French. Special Features included are: Commentaries on every episode (Uncensored Version), Storyboard Animatics, and the original English Trailer.

Uncensored Physical Copies will be available for purchase at soon.

The On-Air version for digital streaming/purchase is coming soon to Amazon Prime Video.

The English Cast and Crew is as follows:

Amanda Parker as Hinako Okami

John Patneaude as Tatsumi Akazu

Levi Squier as Rei Obayama

Sean Tay as Skirt Thief

Kevin Connollyas Principal

Lisle Wilkerson as Newscaster

Steve Warky Nunez as HomeroomTeacher

Danielle McRae as Classmate

Julie Rei Goldstein as Gossiper

Additional Voices:

Alison Turjancik

Ashley Woods

Aubrey Sweet

Brian Rollins

Carlette Odemwingie

Chris Pavon

Danny Miller

Dom Dinh

P.M. Seymour

Reece Bridger

Rochelle Chiang

Shane Elterman

Shane Tay


Executive Producer – K. Cornell Kellum

ADR Director – Sean Tay

Localization Supervisor/Translation – Kevin Frane

Marketing – Dani Duncan

Office Manager – Katrina Caffeine

Subtitles – Danny Miller

Mix – John Montoya

ADR Engineer – Steve Warky Nunez

Quality Assurance – Paul Davey, Brian Rollins, Shane Tay

When asked about directing, “I Want to Be His Prey!”, Tay said, "This is a cute romantic comedy that has been brought to life by a passionate and talented cast. They worked hard to capture the essence of the characters and bring them across from Japanese to English. This delightful twist on Red Riding Hood will deliver many unforgettable moments. It has been an honor to have this be my first opportunity in the role of ADR director and work with amazing talent."

To see the trailer for I Want to Be His Prey!, Click here!



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