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Release date for The Titan's Bride on Blu-ray and DVD

It's coming! October 1st!

We are very excited to announce the physical release of all 9 episodes of The Titan's Bride: Censored on DVD and the Uncut Edition on Blu-Ray. Special Features included are: Director Commentaries on every episode, English Theme Song Music Video, Storyboard Animatics, English Trailer, with Subtitles in English and Spanish.

Copies available for pre-order at Right Stuf Anime and purchase at with a Release Date of October 1st, 2021. Currently, The Uncut Edition is available for Digital Purchase and Streaming on Amazon Prime.

We hope that you will enjoy the hard work that everyone put into making this a reality.

Koichi Mizuki (5'11”) is about to graduate, but before he can, he is summoned to a world of Giant Titans by ancient magic. It's the land of Tildant, where the Prince, Caius, (8'2”) appears in front of Koichi and says, "Destiny has brought you to me. You are my fated bride!"

Koichi agrees to stay for a month in order to get back home. However, the Prince is in a bind. He can only marry someone from another world, or else Tildant will befall a terrible fate! If Koichi doesn't stay permanently, will the prophecy ever be fulfilled?!

To see the trailer for The Titan's Bride, Click here!


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