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Announcing the Release of Game World Reincarnation on Blu-Ray

We are excited to announce the physical release of all 8 on-air and uncut episodes of “Game World Reincarnation” on Blu-Ray in Dual Language - English and Japanese language tracks and subtitles in English and Spanish. Special Features include: Commentaries on every episode (uncut), English Music video, Official Trailers, Storyboard Animatics, and includes both the On Air Version and Uncut Edition (not uncensored)

Copies will be available for purchase at with a Release Date of (10/09/2023).

We hope that you will enjoy the hard work that everyone put into making this a reality.


This anime focuses on the story of an office lady who discovers that she has been reincarnated into her favorite otome game world, "Starry Love Astrolabe" after collapsing from overwork. How can she avoid the bad ending as she struggles to keep Prince Sirius at arm's length!?

To see the trailer for Game World Reincarnation, Click here!



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