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Ascendent Animation is proud to announce their latest acquisition, “Seduced by My Best Friend” (黒ギャルになったから親友としてみた) Alongside this acquisition, we are also proud to announce the production of an English dub of the series.

Seduced by My Best Friend is being dubbed in partnership with the Japanese company, WWWave Corporation. The show is based off of a Japanese manga written and illustrated by the artist, Yupopo Orishima. (Volume 3 of this series releases today and is now available on Amazon Japan.)

About the show

The show is a gender swap/bender story about 2 playboys, “Shion” and his best friend, “Rui”. After a vengeful encounter with a woman Shion had previously scorned, she drugs him and he wakes up in the body of a woman! Will Shion ever find a cure and get back to the way they were?

The show follows an adult romantic storyline, featuring tender moments, relationship woes, Gender Bending, BL, and passionate stories. Each episode runs about 7 minutes long. Kevin Frane (428 Shibuya Scramble, Resonance of Fate, Caressing My Hibernating Bear) will be directing the English version. Steve Warky Nunez (Henkei Shoujo, Luminous Avenger IX-2, Sonic the Hedgehog), will helm the audio engineering/mixing, and Assistant Director will be Elsie Lovelock (Show Time!, Demon King Evelogia, Genshin Impact). Once more, K. Cornell Kellum (Vice Squad, The Titan’s Bride, Henkei Shoujo), will return as Executive Producer. Also returning is Reece Bridger with Talent Sourcing from No Studio in Particular.


“We’re very excited to bring this show to English audiences. We hope that you’ll enjoy the result of all of our hard work!” - Steve Warky Nunez, ADR Engineer

The Coolmic website is publishing the manga in English digitally under the title, “F**ked by My Best Friend”.

Genre: LGBTQ+/Romance/Drama/BL/GenderBender

Episodes: 8

Theme Song: "HOT♡SUMMER " (Sung by the voice actor for Shion)

©2023 Yupopo Orishima/Suiseisha Inc.

©2023 Ascendent Animation. All Rights Reserved.


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